Tadashi's Lion King all grown up with beautiful littermate Tabitha,  hanging out at a show.

Tadashi's Tabitha placed 2nd at the 2014 ARBA National Convention in her junior class.

Lion King has three grand champion legs, as of 4/16/2016.  A BOB and BOV, and BOS, and has his Grand Champion certificate.

Tadashi's Tabitha is a wonderful mother now, and is enjoying time being spoiled at home and taking care of her beautiful babies.

Thank you for visiting our website.  If you are interested in purchasing a bunny, you will need to email Tadashiangoras@aol.com to request or turn in a bunny application.  The bunnies are wonderful, and deserve the very best home possible.

Questions, pictures, and information on available bunnies will no longer be answered or discussed unless the bunny application is completed, as I like to know what type of home the bunny will have, and where it will be going first.

In addition, there are a lot of spam emails, or people just wanting information who don't even introduce themselves or say who they are.  A anonymous question is typed in, and they just want an answer.   As much as I like talking and meeting with people that have a love for animals, and similar interests, having several people ask one question at a time back and forth a bunch of times all day or all week and weeding through or answering all of this can be very time consuming and confusing, especially if there is no name at the top of the email,  and valuable time should be spent with the bunnies, instead. 

This is a hobby rabbitry, not a business.  If you are not familiar with the breed, there are many good articles on the internet that can be looked up under English Angora rabbit care, or questions can be typed into the google search engine. 

Angorarabbit.com has many articles that will answer most questions, and Bunnyrabbit.com is an excellent place to order rabbit supplies. 

Applications or inquiries into bunnies for sale or care requirements will not be considered serious if you are asking very basic care questions and have obviously not done any research,  have not taken the time to fill out information about yourself, or are not ready to purchase now or in the near future, or reserve a bunny.  You will need to check back when you  are able to purchase, have a pick up date planned, and/or a deposit.  Tadashi Angoras is a closed rabbitry, and will meet in a public place only.   We are located a few miles from the AT@T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, and can meet near there.

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