The TABEW breeding program ( Tadashi Angoras BEW)  is a project that is dedicated to the improvement of the BEW English Angora.  This will include Vienna marked and BEW's,  its a small breeding program, but will introduce exceptional rabbits in order to improve the quality of the BEW English Angora's currently available.   If you are wanting a really gorgeous rabbit, the rew's (ruby eyed whites) will take the prize with their beautiful body type, excellent wool, gorgeous furnishings, and wonderful temperament.  They are so outstanding that the eye color shouldn't matter.  But if you are stuck on the eyes, we can try to have the most beautiful bunny possible which may not be perfect in the judges view, but still be beautiful, if the ruby eyes creep you out.

Vienna marked bunnies are priced lower,  and carry the Vienna gene that can produce a blue eyed white English Angora.  The Vienna marking, such as white on the nose, or other areas, makes them unshowable, but makes them popular for people wanting to start a bew breeding program, for pets, or for wool.  People just wanting pets love the Vienna mark, as it can be really beautiful.  I currently have two homegrown gorgeous BEW bucks, along with two beautiful BEW does, and a few beautiful vm does from Tadashi bloodlines as part of this program.

Other bunnies on my website are from non Vienna or BEW genes, and are in a separate program.

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